Appeals and Complaints

Appeals and Complaints - Autism Teaching Institute

Appeals and complaints procedures are based on the principles of fairness, respectfulness and confidentiality. In the first instance, students should inform their teacher or a member of the Autism Teaching Institute staff that they wish to lodge a complaint or appeal. This may be undertaken either verbally or in writing.

The Autism Teaching Institute will ensure that each:

  • complaint and appeal and its outcome is recorded in writing;
  • appeal is heard by an independent person or panel;
  • appellant has an opportunity for a reassessment upon request;
  • appellant has an opportunity to formally present his or her case; and
  • appellant is given a written statement of the appeal outcomes, including reasons for the decision.

The Autism Teaching Institute will ensure that it acts upon the subject of any complaint found to be substantiated and will record all actions and outcomes in the ATI‘s 'Complaints and Appeals Register’.

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