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ATI Graduate

Graduate Diploma

Graduate Diploma - Autism Teaching Institute

The Graduate Diploma includes all 7 units over 3 semesters of part time study.

The courses are designed for teachers working or intending to work with students with ASD.


The course outline is identified in the following table:

Graduate Diploma of Teaching Students with ASD (22337VIC)

Unit Code
Unit of Competency Title
Nominal Hours
Evaluate theories and research of teaching students with ASD

Manage behaviour support and intervention programs for students with ASD

Evaluate the effectiveness of individualised learning programs for students with ASD

Total duration -
360 hrs

An ASD specific teaching practicum of 45 days, integrated within the units is a mandatory requirement of the Diploma. Applicants can apply to the DEECD Teacher Professional Leave Program (TPL) / Autism Scholarships for paid professional leave to undertake the practicum.

The course features a variety of delivery modes, including Saturday lectures delivered by experts in the field, workshops and tutorials.


Participants undertake the ASD specific teaching practicum under the supervision of an Autism Teaching Institute Assessor who is an experienced teacher of students with ASD's. Assessment is carried out through such means as written assignments, workplace projects and observation of knowledge and skills in the classroom environment.

Professionals who complete this course will gain the ability to:

  • Demonstrate self directed development and achievement of specialised knowledge of ASD and skills building on prior knowledge and skills

  • Initiate, analyze, design, plan, execute and evaluate teaching and learning in the context of the classroom containing students with ASD.

  • Demonstrate a command of highly specialised conceptual and technical skills in the context of the school/classroom containing students with ASD.

  • Demonstrate responsibility and broad ranging accountability for the structure, management and output of the work of others and/or functions.